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Are you a middle level manager, project developer, or team lead? Mark has been working with a large international IT company for the past 6 years, as well as as smaller tech firms, coaching associates on their leadership and communication skills. Specifically, goals achieved include managing off-shore counterparts, delegating tasks to team members, saying “no” when necessary, negotiating new business with clients, introducing and selling new project ideas, presenting them using visual media, and leading webinars and in-person meetings and conferences.

Mark is a trained and experienced Leadership and Communications skills coach.

What is that?

Let’s start with the premise that a “coach” partners with a motivated individual to achieve a desired result within a specific time frame.

Okay, so what does leadership have to do with communication proficiency? Communication is a requisite leadership attribute, and leadership demands practiced, outstanding, executive-level presentation and communication skills. They are job requirements.

Great leaders can do many things: they can inspire, motivate others, make decisions, persuade, cajole, convince, teach, mentor, act decisively, support others, give and listen generously, and of course, lead by example.

Great leaders can also influence without authority. They can get a team or individuals to do what must be done without being their boss, by learning how to harness and utilize their personalities and energy levels. They do it by creating incentive, rewarding accomplishment, and validating participation. Coach Hof can show you how to do these invaluable, yet measurable things. Give him the opportunity to coach you to leadership greatness.

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