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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching? – Coaching is always a win-win proposition. Unlike a few of the more traditional methodologies, coaches generally do not:

The value of working with a coach, or why would you want a coach?
You might want, and benefit from working with a coach if:

  • You’re unhappy / dissatisfied with your current job, position, or lack of one.
  • You feel “stuck” in a particular place of frustration, seemingly incapable of moving forward – you’re not advancing in your career.
  • You’re suffering from an inability to get things done, and experience a sense of “overwhelm” a majority of your waking hours.
  • You have difficulty deciding what to do next
  • You would like to experience more joy and satisfaction at whatever you do.
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The real value of coaching – What will you walk away with after 3 months (minimum) coaching with me?

  • An ability to transform negative thoughts into positive, productive ones
  • A persuasive, clear, and charismatic presentation of your self
  • An ability to shift consciousness to where you would like it to be
  • Better, deeper, longer lasting business and personal relationships
  • An improved vision and world view
  • The confidence to take action and the responsibility for its results
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What else will you learn?

  • How to deal with a difficult boss
  • How to deliver product knowledge – as a solution to a customer need or inquiry
  • How to multi-task with efficiency and dexterity
  • How to achieve realistic goals
  • How to exceed company expectations, without trying, with minimum supervision.

You will:

  • Begin to see opportunities in everything
  • Get immediate recognition and validation
  • Learn how assumptions and interpretations have limited you
  • Have fun!

No longer will you:

  • Be a slave to circumstance
  • Be at the mercy of a “boss”
  • Be consigned to a job description
  • Call anything “challenging” or an “issue”!

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