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Mark Hofmaier

I’m an experienced, trained and highly touted leadership and communications coach, and presentation skills expert. Motivated executives and managers hire me to improve their overall written and oral communication as well as presentation expertise. My coaching has helped clients land the job, make the sale, get the client, convince a jury, and persuade the board.

A career in the performing arts as an actor (see markhofmaiertheactor.com) combined with a passion for personal development led me to my current path. As my client, you will experience a realistic, well rounded, hands-on approach to goal setting; get on-your-feet adjustments to your presentation with immediate feedback; learn how to collate material and present content in the most powerful sequence; utilize eye contact, gestures, voice production, and presence to maximum effect; answer questions and handle interruptions without getting flustered; and benefit from role play with your coach to implement any changes on the spot.

Feedback is essential; and I will deliver constructive criticism in a sensitive and direct manner. I will also provide you with video files of your presentation for your review.

You will benefit from my experience as a corporate trainer with Exec-Comm, Director of Training at Repechage, an internationally renowned skin care manufacturer, and Director of Job Search skills with Career Blazers employment agency. Working with me will give you a distinct advantage: – reliable technique, with an appreciation for how energy, awareness, intuition, and finely tuned listening can distinguish you as a leader.

I received my Coach Certification and training with iPEC, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

My wife of 28 years, Susanna, and I enjoy the company of our two adult children, Luke and Tess, and progress in their respective professional worlds.

What makes me different?

  • I find the “hot” buttons!
  • I’m really interactive.
  • I’m a creative, and use my performer’s background to push you out of your comfort zone, in a reassuring and affirmative way!
  • I engage and connect with you on an emotional, gut level, not just the intellectual one.
  • I have a well of experience to tap into that others just don’t have.
  • I’m authentic, generous, and positively passionate about motivating you. Coaching is the vehicle that can transform your life!

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