Leadership & Communications Skills Coach

Public Speaking Coach

Mark Hofmaier – Executive Level Leadership & Communications Skills Coach

Speak with ease and confidence. Ask for the sale! Get in front of a group of colleagues and offer your ideas, without fear of being rejected, interrupted, or not understood.

Can you confidently:
  • Lead a team
  • Chair a committee
  • Sell an idea or product
  • Direct a conference call
  • Deliver a presentation
  • Persuade a client
  • Present a webinar
  • Convey a positive message
  • Propose a company change
  • Host a meeting (or tele-seminar)
  • Support an opposing point of view
  • Convince a board (trustees or stockholders)

If these resonate for you, contact Coach Hof; he can guide you to confident delivery and a real, solid mastery of communicating. Give Mark an opportunity to work with you in your professional workplace, and enjoy a complimentary 45-minute session. Get a taste of how he can help you succeed. Mark is a trained and experienced leadership and communications skills coach, whose expertise also helps tech and IT “geeks” overcome their inhibitions and learn how to effectively communicate as they lead teams with authority.


Presentation Coaching

Executive Presentation Coaching

30 days to mastery:
technique + confidence = savvy


Leadership Coaching

3 months to promotion: lead assertively, with confidence!


Sales Coaching

My criteria for success: your sales playbook – sell without “selling”!

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