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“Thanks to my coach!! My special thanks to Mark Hofmaier. He was a great coach with tremendous knowledge and wisdom. The way he listens to people shows his passion towards coaching. I thoroughly enjoyed every one of those sessions. Those were invaluable.” Gagarin Natarajan (Cognizant)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mark over the last year or so. From my perspective the value of his sessions was exponential. It is not always easy to measure the direct correlation between making a personal investment in yourself and deriving a tangible ROI, but his guidance, lessons and advice were 100% useful along the way; and the lessons and skills I learned will continue to reinforce whatever I do in my professional career.  After meeting with Mark I would always walk away with a major boost in confidence and greater sense of preparedness, allowing me to touch on areas I wouldn’t have necessarily focused. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious; I found myself excited to be involved in our skill practice scenarios and sessions. I would highly recommend sessions with Mark – for a seasoned sales executive looking to get a leg up on the competition, for a company of any size looking to make an investment in their executives, or sales force, or someone with less experience in sales who would benefit from one of the best public speaking coaches I have ever met. I highly regard his program and think of Mark as a Coach, Mentor and friend.” Randy Kohn

“Mark is a gifted, effective coach who combines the deeply intuitive with the eminently practical. He helps you see how real opportunity lies in what you uniquely offer, rather than in bootless speculation about what “they” want you to be or do, If you want to make a change, Mark will help you demystify the tyranny of old habits and shopworn thinking. If you seek new goals and new approaches, he will guide you in establishing them as only you can. And, if you’ve got a dream, Mark will work tirelessly with you in harnessing it.” Scott K. – Professor, U. of Texas, Austin

“Mark is great to work with. You will always know where you are when talking with Mark. He has a unique ability of making you feel comfortable the second you meet him.” Alan Bernstein – Financial and Personal Coach at Sound Coaching Inc.

“Mark is an amazing Life Coach and demonstrates focused, non-judgmental, and objective partnership. He has great energy and is fun to be around. I always feel comfortable and relaxed around him. I completely trust his perspective and am confident that anyone that works with him will reap great rewards.” Francis Williams – Life Coach

“Mark’s sincere commitment to helping you achieve what you want is by far without a doubt extremely valuable. I encourage everyone to plug into Mark’s helpful and healthy advice. He has helped me to make a positive shift in my life to look for the good in everything and make better choices. Thank you Mark for all your help!” Jason Lawergren – Shaklee Distributor

“My coaching with Mark Hofmaier was most helpful in establishing clarity to my short and long-term goals. He asked the right questions, creating a process which quickly steered me in creating an attainable game plan. His enthusiasm and professional manner was empowering and gave me added incentive to achieve my new goals. Anyone who has a working relationship with a good coach will agree positive change is reinforced and accelerated. Give Mark (and yourself) a try!” Rick Crecraft – Crecraft for Treecraft, quality tree care service

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the coaching sessions and follow up advice that you have offered. Since you and I began a few weeks ago, I am now more dialed in when I meet with sales prospects, potential referral sources and my business colleagues. My business plan is taking a more concrete shape, and I have a reinforced confidence that may have taken longer or possibly been derailed without your guidance. I look forward to each week and breaking down the activities and actions taken, all the while implementing your thoughts and suggestions into future business practices. Your advice, availability and experience are all very much appreciated!” Joe Klineburger – Mortgage Consultant

“I met Mark about 2 years ago at a networking event and was immediately struck with his poise, confidence and demeanor.  His knowledge about the sales process and how to shape our personal behaviors to maximize our efforts have increased my sales and improved my close rates.  His counsel provides insightful and actionable recommendations that you can take to the bank. His techniques work and are now a part of my daily repertoire. I give Mark my highest recommendation.”  Sandy Silverberg, President, TEConsult

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