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Coach Hof – the (under) 2-minute drill

Ok, here’s the drill:
I’m a coach; a leadership and communication skills coach. Yes, it’s true, people aren’t interested in coaching per se; what they are interested in, however, are results, and what’s in it for them.
“So, what can a coach do for me?” you may be asking yourself.
Well, a good coach has helped me:
• Get a job
• Keep a job
• Do better in my job
• Change jobs
• Start a new career
• Get motivated to do something I know I want to do but haven’t
• Feel more confident
• Become a better public speaker
• Change my outlook and attitude
• Have more fun in life, at work and elsewhere
Any of these resonate with you? Truth is, we can all use a coach. What’s stopping us? Admitting to ourselves we can use some help.
What I’d like to do in this series of articles is share with you valuable and easy-to-implement practices that will improve the quality of your life.
Here’s one: time is our most valuable commodity, would you agree? So why do so many of us have difficulty “managing” it? For starters, it’s a misnomer to say we can manage time; we can really only use it. And the truth is, most of us procrastinate what we really need to do to move ourselves forward, or develop new business. We’d rather do something that’s easy to accomplish, like check email, or do the dishes, or laundry. We like doing those things because it gives us the feeling of accomplishment that we got a lot done.
It’s valuable to sequester yourself during the most productive and creative hours of your day, when circadian rhythms are in harmony with your most creative energy levels, and do the absolute #1 priority of your day during those hours, not fritter them away in data entry or bookkeeping chores, things that can be accomplished when you’re not required to think in the most creative vein.
So start by making yourself a daily to-do list or schedule that includes the #1 priority during your most productive 2-3 hour period of the day, and set a timer; and do nothing but that task. No answering the phone, or re-texting a friend, or checking FACEBOOK. Once you get in the habit of doing this you’ll see that you actually get more done, and attack the thing that you’ve been putting off, the thing that you know you really need to do. And you’ll also feel really good about yourself.

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