Welcome to Mark Hofmaier and Sales Performance Coaching Services

Are you living your life on purpose?
Are you stuck in a job you hate with a boss who doesn’t “get” you, waiting for your two weeks’ vacation?  Are you just going through the motions?  What would it feel like, to you, to live the life you envision?  Get the benefit of my personal experience!  Receive steady, keen counsel, and straightforward feedback.  Benefit from my extensive knowledge and expertise.  Get street smart and sales savvy, and use your competitive edge: performance enhancement skills – increase your sales by 30-35%!

Mission statement – I pledge: to partner with you, for a specified amount of time, to work toward achieving your goals and desired outcomes, honoring your confidentiality, and committing to your goals’ realization. Partnering together you will improve your performance, transition to a more passionate life style, and find the pleasure in work that makes it a joy, rather than a chore.

Companies and individuals will partner with me and improve sales performance; will create, then execute S.M.A.R.T. action plans to achieve your desired outcomes.

What is sales performance coaching?
A dynamic, innovative, coaching methodology, training participants to:

  • Sell without selling: create instant rapport, establish trust and make money because of who you are.
  • Increase sales and productivity while developing lasting relationships; sales performance coaching a world renowned skin care company’s brand managers increased sales by 25%.
  • Know the difference between goal setting and setting an intention.
  • Improve presentation and communication skills – get the edge on your competition!  Coach large groups of 100+ sales consultants using this innovative methodology.
  • Find the “pain” and offer the solution.
  • Reach quotas because you are in touch with what motivates your customer.  One large retail company’s mattress professionals exceeded projected sales goals by 30-35%.
  • Control a situation without being controlling!
  • Take “rejection” and turn it into opportunity.
  • Retain current clients and get referrals for new ones.

You will follow a process and learn how to make decisions under pressure, negotiate with confidence, ask for the sale, work more efficiently, and cultivate repeat business.  You will enjoy periodic raises in base salary as well as commission percentages.  Re-discover the passion for what you do; live your life on purpose at its cause, not effect!

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